TriggerHappyDesigns is a Graphic Designing Team based in Iloilo City, Philippines. THD takes the step up in serving you optimum quality in your graphic designing needs, such as posters, flyers, business cards, and so much more!

We also make AVP's and Multimedia Ads.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Start Your Business Right

Tss. Who are we kidding?

We all know that first impressions usually lasts. That means giving it your best shot right at the very start. "Put your best foot forward" as the saying goes.

So let's make this memorable and simple for you. Tell us about your business. Who is your target audience? What makes you tick? What sets you apart from your competitors? What do you want to be known for? Let's talk about every single detail and we're sure to come up with something that will best represent you.'

THD can help you jump start your business. Start with a logo design and we'll move forward from there. We can help you build and package your business in order for you to grow.

Let's face it. A first impression isn't everything, but it it something.

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Imagine. Innovate. Invade.

BigBoss Carwash Logo

This is the Logo Design we made for BigBoss Carwash. We incorporated the color scheme of Disney Pixar's, Cars, to make it look catchy and appealing. Clean and shiny, it represents how your car's gonna look like after dropping by.

BBCW is located at Iloilo City, Philippines.

Tibiao Fish Spa Tarpaulin Ad

Recently, TFS asked us to make their Tarpaulin Ad for their upcoming opening at SM City Iloilo. The package included extracted elements like the bamboo, fish, bubbles and drawings.

For further info, visit

Tibiao Fish Spa Business Card Design

We made this a little differently -- combining fun and corporate in order to suit the nature of their business. Unlike most fish spas which centers on relaxation and stress relief, Tibiao Fish Spa mainly focuses on having a fun and unique experience while pampering yourself!

This business card is for Rex Delsar Dianala, one of the owners of Tibiao Fish Spa.
For further information visit
Visit their Facebook Page

Arqihome Grand Opening Invitations

Arqihome just opened a branch in Iloilo City, Philippines and we were asked to make the design for their Grand Opening Invitation. It was our first client that centered into interior design and architecture.

For more information regarding Arqihome, visit

Cuts & Blends: Unisex Salon / Coffee & Desert Nook

A rather unique business, if you ask me! Cuts & Blends is a fusion of a unisex salon and a coffeeshop that also serves pastries like cupcakes, pretzels, and a lot more. Strategically located beside Central Philippine University, it's primary consumers are college and high school students.

We were asked to package the entire business.

We designed their logo, menu, signage, price tags, flyers and wall-mounted menu.

Sens Bien Body & Fish Spa

Sens Bien Body & Fish Spa just opened last October 10, 2010. We were asked to package the entire business. By this we mean designing their logo, signage, standee tarpaulins, VIP card, Perks card, menu and more.

Sens Bien is a french-inspired body & fish spa located at Iloilo City, Philippines.

Graphic Design Invasion!

Hello there! And welcome to TriggerHappyDesigns!

First off, let me introduce ourselves. Ehem.

TriggerHappyDesigns is a Graphic Design Team from Iloilo City, Philippines, that focuses primarily on serving you optimum quality in regards to your graphic designing needs.

We provide your business the image that suits it best. By what means, you ask? Let me explain briefly:

  • Identity. What is an identity? It's your company's/business'/event's logo. But we believe that we don't just design logos, we create an identity -- a symbol that best represents you. After all, image is everything.
Here are some examples of past clients:

  • Prints. Prints are basically any marketing material being printed out. Examples are posters, tarpaulins, business cards, promo materials, standees, streamers, signages, and a lot more. We cover a wide range of prints in a variety of sizes.
Here are some examples of our past projects on print:

  • AVP / Video Ads. Yes! We also make multimedia ads and audio visual presentations. An alternative way of advertising your promos, company, business, event, party, etc. We also make slideshows for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and such. (I will be posting our finished videos in a different post)

We put a lot of thought in our craft, but more importantly, we put a lot of heart too. So let's meet up over coffee and talk about you and your business -- down to the littlest details because we know how important this is to you.

Let's invade and make history!